Mr Bouziani

Bouzain Derradji was born on: May 17, 1939 in Tolga town in the Zab region (wilaya of Biskra) he continued his primary studies in his hometown at the first time in the French public school then he joined the school of the Association of Muslim Scholars He finished his primary and secondary studies in Medina, Saudi Arabia, after that his parents had emigrated there in 1953. He joined the ranks of the Algerian revolution, after that he joined the mission of military students in Cairo for training, then he was sent for further training to the military mission Syrian from Homs, where he obtained the rank of sub- Lieutenant specializes in tanks. He worked as a journalist in several magazines such as: El jaiech, el joundi of the Algerian National Army. - He is considered as one of the founders of the magazine "El bahit" of the Algerian National Army. - After the independence he purchased his university studies at the University of Constantine, where he earned a degree in history in 1971, then he obtained a postgraduate diploma in history at the Central facultyof Algiers in 1981 with honors. (Thesis title: governance and rights in the state of Bani Abd El-Wad), he also obtained and even a master degree in history in 1988 with honors. (Thesis title: tribalism and its impact on systems and relationships in the Islamic Maghreb). - He wrote in many Algerian newspapers such as the journal Alwane El Chaab , El Salam, Sawet el Ahrar, Al Massa, El Biled , El chourouk. - He participated to several conferences in many cultural activities.


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